Burcu Selcen Coşkun, Yürütücü, Coordinator

Burcu Selcen Coşkun-Coordinator

Graduated with a bachelors’ degree in Architecture from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul/Turkey in 2000 and also received her PhD degree in the Heritage Conservation Department in 2012. Between September 2014-August 2015 she has been a post-doctoral visitor at University of York in UK. Her research was funded by TUBİTAK. Her major areas of interest are theory of Conservation and Turkish conservation history. She teaches at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.


Seda Kula Say, Uzman Rehber, Specialist Staff

Seda Kula-Specialist Staff

Seda is an academic and architectural historian. Her field of interest cover architectural production in Istanbul in Ottoman and Byzantian periods and Alexander Vallaury and his architecure. She teaches to architecture students in Gebze Technical University.


Çağla Tulukçu Arkman, Uzman Rehber, Specialist Staff

Çağla Tulukçu-Specialist Staff

Çağla is an academic from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She teaches at Stage and Constume Design Department where she graduated from. She is specialized in puppet/marionette design and is experienced with children and has attenden several workshops with children aged between 3-6.



Lokman Coşkun, Rehber-Grafik Tasarım, Instructor,-Graphic Design

Lokman Coşkun-Instructor, Graphic Design

After graduating from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, Interior Design Programme, Lokman wrote his master’s thesis on evolutionary arhitecture at University of East London in 2006. He runs his own practice where he mainly focuses on interiors and furniture design. He contributed to this project with different workshops for children, like designing inscriptions or Byzantine Mosaic art, etc..



Hatice Gökbaraz, Eğitmen, Advisor

Hatice Gökbaraz-Advisor

Hatice is a pre-school teacher, specialized in Waldorf education. She has graduated from Bosphorus University and since then works for Nisan Kindergarten.





omerÖmer Faruk Tekin-Advisor

Ömer Faruk is an architect. He finished his master dissertation in 2016 at Istanbul Technical Universiy and is a phd candidate for history of architecture at the same university. He assists studios for architectural students at Beykent University Architecture Department.




Kerim Altuğ, Rehber, Instructor

Kerim Altuğ-Instructor

Kerim is an archaeologist. His phd thesis focuses on cisterns dating to Byzantine era in Istanbul.






Esra Kudde, Rehber, Instructor


Esra Kudde-Instructor






Esra Coşkunçay, Rehber, Instructor

Esra Coşkunçay-Instructor






Cansu Alkan, Yardımcı Rehber, Assistant instructor

Cansu Alkan-Assistant  Instructor






Asude Kılıç-Assistant Instructor

Aysel Aktaş-Nurse